Great Dane Portrait taken with the Tetons

Tearful farewells and new beginnings

Turns out I was terrible at documenting ours and K'Ehleyr's life as a tripawd.  Truthfully she handled it pretty well.  She learned to negotiate the stairs, down was never her favorite but going up she had to be reminded to slow down.  She learned to dig again and to out maneuver and almost out run … Continue reading Tearful farewells and new beginnings

Trail above the Fruita campground

Capitol Reef National Park

In central Utah, a 65 million years old, giant wrinkle in the Earth's crust stretches for 100 miles.  It is called the Waterpocket Fold.  People of the Fremont culture lived here as early as 700AD till about 1250.  They were followed in the 1800's by Mormon pioneers who created the community of Fruita along the Fremont … Continue reading Capitol Reef National Park

Hidden Lake Trail

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

Waterton-Glacier gets 2 separate paw ratings, a  and a .  The reason for the two ratings is the uniqueness of the park spanning 2 countries and each country having its own regulations.  The Glacier NP side here in the US gets the common 1-paw, pets are allowed on paved or developed areas, in front-country campgrounds and picnic … Continue reading Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is in southern Texas along the border with Mexico.  The border is marked by the Rio Grande River and the park covers 118 miles of it.  While pets are not disallowed they are not overly welcome.  They can only be in paved areas or campgrounds.  There is also the threat of … Continue reading Big Bend National Park