Who we are

My life with Great Danes all began by simply wanting a dog again.  Graduate school meant leaving my 2 Shih Tzus behind at home with my Mom.  I don’t think she would have let me take them if I could have.  I tried other pets that rentals look the other way at, birds, a hamster, an iguana and even rescued a rabbit who was being tormented by neighbor children.  But as a dog owners know nothing else can fill the role of a dog in your home.  (Cats are different, they tolerate you in their home)

After much shelter searching and an afternoon at a Great Dane rescue, my husband and I were chosen by Selar, my first BIG dog.  Having spent most of my childhood terrified of dogs till meeting a Shih Tzu puppy disguised as a tribble, this was a big step.

Selar the Great Dane
Family portrait with Selar

As Selar grew older we adopted Varel.  Varel didn’t like being an only dog so we got K’Ehleyr to be her dog.  Martok is the fourth Dane to enrich our lives and hopefully we can give him the best life full of fun and adventure.  All of our Danes have been adopted. Their bios are here.

Varel & K'Ehleyr
Varel & K’Ehleyr
Great Dane