Great Dane Portrait taken with the Tetons

Tearful farewells and new beginnings

Turns out I was terrible at documenting ours and K'Ehleyr's life as a tripawd.  Truthfully she handled it pretty well.  She learned to negotiate the stairs, down was never her favorite but going up she had to be reminded to slow down.  She learned to dig again and to out maneuver and almost out run … Continue reading Tearful farewells and new beginnings


Baja travel

My previous post showed some photos of K'Ehleyr on a recent trip to Baja.  It wasn't her first time there nor was it the first time we have travelled there with our Danes.   As a junior in college I was introduced to Baja California.  As a kid I had travelled to Mexico on family vacations but going … Continue reading Baja travel

The first week

We are heading into our second week as I post this.  Here is a recap of what the first day and week were like for us and K'Ehleyr.  This post contains affiliate links for your convenience to some of the products we found helpful post surgery. Before K'Ehleyr's surgery a new x-ray of her lungs … Continue reading The first week

First day of our new adventure

Today we start a new dog adventure. It is not an other national park, new place to explore or activity to experience. It is learning to adapt to the life of and with a tripawd, a new term I have learned for what 3-legged dogs are called. K'Ehleyr has osteosarcoma and while she is mature … Continue reading First day of our new adventure


Pet tracker without a subscription service

Wistiki Before I go on about this product I have to say that this in an Indiegogo campaign, I have no affiliation with it and is not on the market yet but it sounds cool and as someone who travels with a pet this could be a really smart item to have at hand.  My … Continue reading Pet tracker without a subscription service