National Park Dogs Rating System

Have Dane Will Travel 07

Yes, dogs can visit National Parks.  Not all parks and not all parts of the parks but the common misconception I have come across is that if you travel with your dog(s) you should just avoid National Park lands.  You can stop thinking like that.

What I have learned is that each park is different and finding the regulations for each park can be difficult.  So what I have been doing is collecting the information at each park we visit and creating blog posts with that information so you and your pet can still enjoy our National Park lands.  I created a paw-rating system to make it easier to get a quick idea of how each park ranks.


Regulations can change and I encourage people to behave like responsible pet owners so that the regulations don’t change for the negative.

You can see posts on specific parks here.  We have been traveling to National Parks with all of our Danes.

If you have a park you have visited and want to tell others about please leave a comment below.


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