High Sierra Balloon Camp

Mid-June people were still skiing in the high Sierras as 19 teenagers gathered for a full immersion experience into hot air ballooning.  This was our first stop on this summer’s trip.  The campers, counselors, instructors/pilots and organizers all stayed in a multi-level, hostel style lodge which promoted a great sense of community and convenience.

balloon camp

Every morning we trekked down to the Truckee airport to fly if the weather permitted or at least inflate the morning we had a thunderstorm approaching.  The kids got to see a variety of balloon brands as well as a chance to tether in a cloud hopper.

balloon camp

Being it was only Martok’s second time out ballooning he was encouraged to take a look at the equipment as well.  Lessons were interspersed with meals and a little bit of free time with little time for sleep.

balloon camp

After 5 marathon days we raced across Nevada to get to the next stop the Panguitch balloon rally, Martok’s first balloon rally.

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