Who is Martok?

Great Dane

Who is this new personality to enter our lives?  I keep being reminded of David Tennant’s first episode of Doctor Who discussing with the leader of the Sycorax who he is and his response “I DON’T KNOWWW!”  That is where we are with Martok, who is he, is he the type that will want to push the big shiny red button or will he go hide in a bathtub?  So far the bathtub is not the answer. Tried get him in the bath, no-go, used the hose on the patio instead.

Other things we have learned:

  • not afraid of noises (good)
  • doesn’t bark at delivery trucks (yeah)
  • does bark when alone (boo)
  • not overly treat motivated which makes training different
  • was afraid of orange construction cones but got over that when it didn’t attack back
  • chases birds and all flying things, this may be bad for my (borrowed) drone, haven’t had the courage to test them out together yet. Google the story of tigers taking down their exercise drone as an example
  • talks back when he doesn’t get his way (i.e. belligerent youngster)
  • likes to find new toys (i.e. steal things) since he has played with every toy in the house and they are now all boring.  This is where I have to insert another movie analogy.  Remember the scene on Dagobah when Luke first meets Yoda.  Yoda runs around taking, throwing and tasting everything, that is what I feel like when I’m trying to do anything besides play with the dog.  “Don’t touch that, no, give that back, drop it, drop, let go, that’s not yours, stop….”. And yes I know, he doesn’t understand any of that.

Then there are the times, like now, when it is puppy crashed time.  Yes, he is on the futon, I conceded that battle, he stays quiet there but doesn’t seem to understand the concept of the pet cover.

great dane, sleeping dog
Sleepy Puppy

His table manners (staying away from our table) are improving and he likes eating his own food now that he is weened off the previous owner’s food, it was not an ideal food choice.

We have also discovered that he likes, or at least doesn’t dislike, balloons. (another yeah)

First day ballooning

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