Baja travel

Sunrise over the reef in 2016
Sunrise over the reef in 2016

My previous post showed some photos of K’Ehleyr on a recent trip to Baja.  It wasn’t her first time there nor was it the first time we have travelled there with our Danes.   As a junior in college I was introduced to Baja California.  As a kid I had travelled to Mexico on family vacations but going to a resort in some place like Acapulco is nothing like living on the beach in Baja with only the supplies you brought with you.  We weren’t completely cut off from civilization, the small fishing village of San Felipe was ~40 miles away but it was a rough dirt road which made the trek there a 2 hour drive.  I initially went down to take an ecology course at my university and then continued to go down to help teach the course.  Eventually we would make trips which didn’t coincide with the course and now it is no longer part of the curriculum.


As fun as the place is for humans it is equally fun for dogs.  To be able to run free on the beach looking for treasures such as old bones and dead fish is beyond imagination for city our Danes.  The first time Selar got to go she was already suffering from arthritis but she still enjoyed sitting on the shore watching Varel learn to swim.  When Varel and K’Ehleyr made their first trip together they took the opportunity to take off down the beach with me in chase.  I eventually caught K’Ehleyr and had her lead me to where Varel was playing in the sand dunes.  They ended up losing some of their freedom after that for their own safety.  One thing to remember when in Baja is that there are natural dangers, snakes and scorpions are common and veterinary services are not close by and have limited hours.

Selar supervising
Varel enjoying the beach

If you are going to travel across the Mexican border with your pet you will want to get a US interstate and international certificate of health examination for small animals from your veterinarian.  This will verify that they are up to date on vaccinations and in general good health in case you are questioned at the border.  We have never had to show the paperwork but best to be covered if you are questioned.

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