K’Ehleyr update


We are now just over a month out from her amputation surgery and she is getting the hang of being a tripawd.  We still can’t got for long walks but her walks are getting progressively longer.  Also still waiting on her fur to grow back, it is about half as long as it should be.

The follow up step to the surgery was chemo using carboplatin.  We started this just over 1 week ago and she came through that like a trooper as well.  A little decrease in her appetite the following day but nothing severe.  The next treatment will be 3 weeks after the first one.

I have to say that she is now starting to get back to her regular behavior and demeanor for the most part.  I think a couple road trips during the last couple weeks helped.  She was once again surrounded by her adoring fans who shower her with treats and attention, because we of course don’t do enough of that.

2 thoughts on “K’Ehleyr update

  1. You two are the MOST terrific parents ever❤️
    I admire you & am so glad that K’Ehleyer is doing/adjusting so well so quickly. This reminds of when my Billie went blind from glaucoma … She was such a trooper, adjusting to her change in circumstance quickly … And lived well beyond my hopes & dreams. Do hope to see you very soon. Sending love to all, Robin


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