First day of our new adventure

Last 4-legged walk on the beach
Last 4-legged walk on the beach
Last good dig at the beach
Last good dig at the beach

Today we start a new dog adventure. It is not an other national park, new place to explore or activity to experience. It is learning to adapt to the life of and with a tripawd, a new term I have learned for what 3-legged dogs are called. K’Ehleyr has osteosarcoma and while she is mature for a Dane she is still full of life so we decided to fight aggressively and remove the affected leg, her left front one. Not only does this remove the tumor but it will remove the source of extreme pain she has been enduring even through the pain medications. We will also have to do further treatments to tackle any roaming cells and hope that we have caught this early enough so that ultimately she dies of old age and not from cancer.
I expect this is going to be harder on us then it is on her. Dogs don’t harp on what they have lost, they live in the moment, something most of us humans are not very good at.
I will share our ups and downs through this journey as possibly therapy for myself and I hope to help others who are faced with this challenge as well.

2 thoughts on “First day of our new adventure

  1. You are truly becoming the people your dog thinks you are – brave and loving. Wishing you peace and continued hope on this journey. George and Pat


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