Trouble on the road with K’Ehleyr

Elevating her leg
Elevating K’Ehleyr’s leg

Pet injuries are scary at any time but when on the road they can become even more scary.  K’Ehleyr faltered while jumping into the truck and fell back.  I tried to catch her but at 123 lbs. there wasn’t much I could do but slow her fall.  She seemed fine and successfully jumped in the truck on the second try.  Later that night I noticed her leg was swollen from her toes to above her knee.  Not sure it was the fall I gave her some Benadryl in case it was an insect bite.  The next day all balloon flights were cancelled at the rally so I decided it was best to stay close to a city and seek out a vet.  Local friends got us an emergency visit at their vet who took time out of his Father’s Day to see us, thanks Dr. Johnson at Richfield Vet Clinic.

Turns out is was just a sprain but it took almost 2 days for the swelling to go down and she is supposed to rest for the next couple weeks.

injured great dane leg
Monday AM, much of the swelling had gone down but still obvious.

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