Pet tracker without a subscription service


Before I go on about this product I have to say that this in an Indiegogo campaign, I have no affiliation with it and is not on the market yet but it sounds cool and as someone who travels with a pet this could be a really smart item to have at hand.  My Danes did decide to go on a walk-about in Colorado by escaping a locked trailer through a window I still don’t know how they fit through but that is another story.

It is called Wistiki and it combines a tracking device and a smartphone app.  It comes in 3 different shapes, one for pet collars, one for keys and one for wallets and each is available in 4 different colors.  All of them have a GPS locator, a ringtone, a reverse ringtone and a virtual leash.  The ringtones allow you to either use you smart phone to activate the lost item sound or use the Wistiki to cause your phone to ring in case you have lost that.  I think the more useful features for a pet owner are the GPS and virtual leash features.  The Wistiki app maps the location of your pet from the most recent GPS coordinates with a range of 328 feet (100m).  OK so that doesn’t sound very helpful if you have a pet that roams but this is what I thought was interesting.  The app will use crowd sourcing to collect data when out of home range.  So if your pet walks by someone else with Wistiki on their device it will update your map, the other user won’t be aware of it and can’t access your data.  Basically the more people on the Wistiki network the more effective it will be.  The second feature that I mentioned for pet owners is the virtual leash which sends you an alert when your pet moves away from your smartphone.

The app is free and has no subscription plan.  There are currently pet GPS location devices on the market but they rely on subscription plans and if you have ever used a GPS the coverage can get spotted when you are indoors or have buildings or terrain blocking satellite linkage.

It looks like they are in production now with a delivery time at the end of this year for the pet version, the key version might be available first quarter.  If you want to take a look click on the link attached to their name at the top, I didn’t want to steal photos from their page.

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