Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

Hidden Lake Trail
Hidden Lake Trail

Waterton-Glacier gets 2 separate paw ratings, a paw left and a 4 paws.  The reason for the two ratings is the uniqueness of the park spanning 2 countries and each country having its own regulations.  The Glacier NP side here in the US gets the common 1-paw, pets are allowed on paved or developed areas, in front-country campgrounds and picnic areas as well as in boats where motorized craft are allowed but not on any trails.  In Waterton Lakes NP on the Canada side, leashed pets are allowed on all 120 miles of trails giving it a 4-paw rating.

Great Dane at Glacier NP
K’Ehleyr enjoying the view

Wildlife can be commonly seen and pets may disturb or be disturbed by this.  The Bighorn sheep didn’t seem to mind people at all and took their time wandering about one of the parking lots.

Bighorn sheep, Ovis canadensis
Bighorn sheep, Ovis canadensis

We didn’t have a chance to go over the border to Waterton Lakes but if you do want to do some hiking with your pets that is the place to go.  Just make sure you have travel papers with vaccination records to avoid any trouble bringing your pets back across the border.

Canoeing on Two Medicine Lake
Canoeing on Two Medicine Lake

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